Project Team

'Early Cinema in Scotland, 1896-1927' is a three-year research project (2012-2015) funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council. It is based at the University of Glasgow in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, and it involves five researchers.


Professor Emeritus John Caughie, Principal Investigator, University of Glasgow
Topics: development of cinema in small towns; filmography

Maria Vélez-Serna, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Glasgow
Topics: exhibition and distribution; geospatial mapping

Dr Trevor Griffiths, Co-Investigator, University of Edinburgh
Topics: transition to sound; cinema personnel

Julia Bohlmann, Postgraduate Researcher, University of Glasgow
Topics: social regulation of cinema in Scotland

Caroline Merz, Postgraduate Researcher, University of Edinburgh
Topics: archive work on productions and production context


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For any queries about this project email John Caughie.