Ormonde Family and company, Vivo-tableaux (animated pictures):
"VIVO-TABLEAUX, showing the World's History day by day. Absolutely the Finest Display of Animated Pictures. See the Great Champion Wrestlers of the World; a Desperate Poaching Affray; Pantomime of William Tell - screamingly funny; Exciting Motor Car Racing; The French Sentry; See the Most Beautiful Coloured Animated Picture on record - The Rajah and the Fairy Princess; See the Great Prize Fight and a Spanish Bull Fight."

NewspaperBo'ness Journal and Linlithgowshire Advertiser
TypeVariety and film
LiveDr Ormonde (hypnotist), American and Continental artistes, Musical Miller (clown), Great Hypnotic Clairvoyant Rosicrucian Psychognomancy.