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[letterhead: The Town Council of the Burgh of Kirkintilloch - Hall and Park and Garden Committee - Convener Bailie Gibson J.P.]
Municipal Pictures, Town Hall, December 25th 1917
Messrs. The Newcastle Film Supply
Dear Sirs,
It is but…

Entertainer - Presentation to Arthur Dent.jpg
Cutting from the Entertainer and Scottish Kinema Record, with photo, about dinner given in honour to Dent when leaving for London. JJ Bennell, Waddell, Winocour, and other figures of the Glasgow trade all present.

Scrapbook 001 - Resignation from Newcastle FS 1919.jpg
Cutting from the Kinematograph Weekly of an announcement posted by Dent about his resignation from the Newcastle Film Supply.

Presentation plate from canteen, 1924.jpg
Inscribed plate originally attached to canteen, presented as a leaving gift to Arthur Dent on his departure for London. Inscription reads:
"Presented to Maurice Arthur Dent Esq. (Vice President) by members of the Cinema Club (Glasgow) and friends,…

Arthur Dent portrait with Wardour booking sheet.jpg
Colour drawing of Arthur Dent smoking a cigar and holding a film booking sheet for Wardour.

Cinema Club card.jpg
Small printed booklet with dates of events for the year and names of office-bearers.

Enamel badge LOCB 1913.jpg
Enamel badge with letters L.O.C.B., 1913, and inscribed 'M. A. Dent' on back

Arthur Dent framed portrait.jpg
Framed charcoal portrait of Arthur Dent. Signed Ginsbury.

Letter expressing interest in the Fair Gay Gordons:

'their terms however are considerably more than I am prepared to give. I don’t know at the time of writing whether Macnair has anything in view for me for the 27th week, but if your friends come…

Dear Sirs

I have today received yours of the 3rd inst. Together with offered (now confirmed) list for the 13th week commencing - for which many thanks. I note that you do not think you…

My dear Macnair

In explanation of my wire of today, evidently Green's had smelt a rat as they sent me a wire stating they would not supply me with programmes on and after Sept. 13th. I however threatened them with legal proceedings with regard to…

Dear Sirs

I am in receipt of yours of the 2nd inst., in answer to my wires and note that you are unable to supply me with the Trey of Hearts. I also note that you have forwarded me an offered list of what you could do for the 13th week commencing,…

Dear Sirs

Enclosed please find order for chocolate which I trust will be accorded your usual prompt attention. Accompanied by order for: 30…

Dear Sir

Enclosed please find statement of returns for week ending Aug 28th. To-night and for three days we have a strong opposition show with the Military Tattoo as advertised in the War Specials - as practically all R.N.R. men will have to take…

My dear Macnair Your letter dated Aug 25th just to hand. Previous to its receipt I had wired you regarding the Trey of Hearts and in further explanation thereof I beg to inform you that at the present time I get all my programme from Greens, Glasgow.…

Letter protesting about carriage rates for topical - if they can only be sent carriage forward, Mann will refuse delivery.

Letter enquiring about availability for hire of The Black Box, a serial, for exhibition in Lerwick.

My dear Macnair

Again - please excuse brevity. My governor has been in Glasgow and he apparently met some variety agent who suggested running a film and variety agency but - although he likes the idea - and indeed has thought on this idea for…

Dear Sirs

I have to advise having today received my programme for this week - but no posters. Some of these films are substitutes for the one's [sic] listed and while - these unfortunately not being filled - I have nothing to say as regards the…

Letter explaining that he had kept the Three Nelsons on at reduced rate, because programme could not sustain solo vocalist. Also questioning carriages and note on hiring from Green's:'I am showing in arrangement with Messrs Greens Glasgow The Trey of…
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