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[letterhead: The Town Council of the Burgh of Kirkintilloch - Hall and Park and Garden Committee - Convener Bailie Gibson J.P.]
Municipal Pictures, Town Hall, December 25th 1917
Messrs. The Newcastle Film Supply
Dear Sirs,
It is but…

Arthur Dent framed portrait.jpg
Framed charcoal portrait of Arthur Dent. Signed Ginsbury.

Enamel badge LOCB 1913.jpg
Enamel badge with letters L.O.C.B., 1913, and inscribed 'M. A. Dent' on back

Cinema Club card.jpg
Small printed booklet with dates of events for the year and names of office-bearers.

Arthur Dent portrait with Wardour booking sheet.jpg
Colour drawing of Arthur Dent smoking a cigar and holding a film booking sheet for Wardour.

Presentation plate from canteen, 1924.jpg
Inscribed plate originally attached to canteen, presented as a leaving gift to Arthur Dent on his departure for London. Inscription reads:
"Presented to Maurice Arthur Dent Esq. (Vice President) by members of the Cinema Club (Glasgow) and friends,…

Scrapbook 001 - Resignation from Newcastle FS 1919.jpg
Cutting from the Kinematograph Weekly of an announcement posted by Dent about his resignation from the Newcastle Film Supply.

Entertainer - Presentation to Arthur Dent.jpg
Cutting from the Entertainer and Scottish Kinema Record, with photo, about dinner given in honour to Dent when leaving for London. JJ Bennell, Waddell, Winocour, and other figures of the Glasgow trade all present.
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