Letter to A.B. McNair, Dundee (Agent)


Letter to A.B. McNair, Dundee (Agent)


Dancers, variety, carriage, Green's


Letter explaining that he had kept the Three Nelsons on at reduced rate, because programme could not sustain solo vocalist. Also questioning carriages and note on hiring from Green's:

'I am showing in arrangement with Messrs Greens Glasgow The Trey of Hearts. This as you know will fix me up for fifteen weeks - but I would not hesitate about stopping a serial if Greens tried any quibbling with my programmes. However I trust they will not try that.


Flo Dixie as you are aware finishes here on Saturday Aug 28th and I shall be pleased to hear from you with regard to the artists following her.

P.S. Since writing the above - I have received your wire regarding the Double Act now working the Royal and beg to confirm my reply as follows.                                                  Right. Preferably one week - noting (?) today and would explain that I will like the above artists at one week - of course if they will not come for less than two, give a two weeks but be sure they are good - as this being a small place - artists have to be extra good and have plenty of changes to pull in two weeks. Dancers as a rule cannot change - one dance being like another practically.'


Tuesday, 10 August,1915