Letter to Green’s Film Service, Glasgow


Letter to Green’s Film Service, Glasgow


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Dear Sirs

I have to advise having today received my programme for this week - but no posters. Some of these films are substitutes for the one's [sic] listed and while - these unfortunately not being filled - I have nothing to say as regards the substitutes. What I do complain of is that most of the films in my programme for this week are quite 40 weeks old. I think I have intimated to you before that I absolutely refuse to pay 10/- for a 5/- service and I will be glad to know whether you mean to improve - also please let me know by return whether you will hire me the Trey of Hearts alone for exhibition at Lerwick on Monday and Tuesday of next week - when I will endeavour to get the rest of my programme elsewhere. Your a/c for films together with the a/c for posters I have today forwarded to Mr Jeffrey [managing director, based in Aberdeen] who will settle direct.

Yours faithfully,
Arthur Mann


Monday, 16 August,1915