Letter to A.B. McNair, Dundee (Agent)


Letter to A.B. McNair, Dundee (Agent)




My dear Macnair

Again - please excuse brevity. My governor has been in Glasgow and he apparently met some variety agent who suggested running a film and variety agency but - although he likes the idea - and indeed has thought on this idea for quite a long time - he does not care for the man himself. I have therefore written him to the effect that you already have a small circuit etc. etc. and advising him at the same time to see you as it was suggested to run the agency in Dundee. According to my Governor's letter he intends a circuit something as follows - Brechin; Laurencekirk; Stonehaven; Aberdeen; Lerwick; Kirkwall; Thurso; Forres; Banff - and any others that can be brought into line.

As already indicated I have asked him to see you and you may expect a visit from him in a few days. Needless to say I have explained that you are thoroughly reliable in every way. I will of course be kept advised by my Governor Mr Jeffrey as to progress - but you might also write me fully on the subject - letting me know at the same time what you think and what transpires.

I must apologise for not replying to your several letters but I have been so busy with this and other matters that really I have not had the time. Regarding Len and Lena - I have billed them for week commencing Aug. 30th, and I expect your letter per next steamer. Best wishes

Yours sincerely
Arthur Mann


Thursday, 26 August, 1915