Letter to A.B. McNair, Dundee (Agent)


Letter to A.B. McNair, Dundee (Agent)


Green's, film supply, variety


My dear Macnair

Your letter dated Aug 25th just to hand. Previous to its receipt I had wired you regarding the Trey of Hearts and in further explanation thereof I beg to inform you that at the present time I get all my programme from Greens, Glasgow. They are I am sorry to say living up to their bad reputation - being altogether unsatisfactory. In my programme and showing here every Monday I have the Trey of Hearts, Episode 2 showing tonight - and as I have the story published in the local paper - one episode per week - I am as you can well understand unwilling to give it up - on the other hand I am determined to stop hiring from Green's - and as they will not hire me the Trey of Hearts only - I wired asking if you could supply it - commencing next Monday showing her with episode 3. If you could do this I can get the rest of my programme elsewhere or if you can supply me with a good service at £3 per three changes, i.e. 10/- 1000ft I can give you a trial. I have received a letter from Mr. Jeffrey regarding the proposed agency question in Dundee, and I am writing him further today with reference to this matter. In the event of satisfactory arrangements being come to between you and Mr, Jeffrey I should be pleased to hear from you where I am likely to come in. I expect your reply wire either today or tomorrow. You might also please quote per return what figure you can supply The Master Key at showing here on Fridays and Saturdays - commencing say Sept. 13th week.

Len and Lena arrived all in order yesterday being a dancing act. They will not be able to work a fortnight here and you might please wire me another act for week commencing Sept. 6th, one week only. I am already booked up for Sept. 13th and am open again for week Sept. 20th. Regarding you’re a/c for topicals - the three Gaumonts Graphics sent you on Saturday I suppose are the ones that ought to have been here on weeks 16th and 23rd Aug. However I will write in detail later. I note however that you are to dispatch those topicals per post after today. Please send me Len & Lena's contract.

Awaiting the favour of your reply

Yours truly

Arthur Mann


Monday, 30 August, 1915