Letter to B.B. Pictures


Letter to B.B. Pictures


film supply, serials


Dear Sirs

I am in receipt of yours of the 2nd inst., in answer to my wires and note that you are unable to supply me with the Trey of Hearts. I also note that you have forwarded me an offered list of what you could do for the 13th week commencing, and beg to confirm reply wire sent you today as follows - Letter received - Many Thanks - List will not arrive here until Wednesday evening. Will take risk of being alright and beg to confirm booking of said programme herewith fro week commencing Sept. 13th and onwards showing here. If all in order, please confirm.

Your confirmation reply wire for which I am now waiting.

As I am anxious to again continue your service and I shall be pleased if you would send me offered lists for weeks following and supply programmes as heretofore. Regarding The Master Key, I note your first vacant date is October 18th and I would be pleased to commence this serial on that date - at the price quoted, viz 10/- per subject.

P.S. Since writing the above, I have received your wire stating you will dispatch programme for Sept 13th.

I have also received a confirmation reply regarding the Trey of Hearts which film as you were unable to supply, I was endeavouring to obtain elsewhere and in consequence thereof, I would esteem it a favour of you would supply 2000ft less per week to make up for this feature. I may mention I am obliged to run this serial the story being published in the local papers and trust the above request will not cause you any inconvenience. W.A. Mann


Friday, 3 September, 1915