Letter to A.B. McNair, Dundee (Agent)


Letter to A.B. McNair, Dundee (Agent)


topicals, serials, film supply


My dear Macnair

In explanation of my wire of today, evidently Green's had smelt a rat as they sent me a wire stating they would not supply me with programmes on and after Sept. 13th. I however threatened them with legal proceedings with regard to the Trey of Hearts and they have come up to scratch, and the crisis is now over. Many thanks for your trouble. It has altogether been a very exciting time and I am really glad its over. I enclose P.O. for £1-6-6 being 9/- commission on Len & Lena, 12/6 a/c (corrected) topicals, & 5/- for expenses in wiring.

Please note - if the 5/- does not cover your expenses in connection with the wires let me know and I will remit the balance per return as I do not want you to lose by this business.

I received you wire this morning regarding posting of topicals, but to tell the truth I am getting mixed up. I received a topical Gazette from Forres today. My operator now has at the present time a Topical and a Gazette - showing tonight - and two Topicals and another Graphic. I am therefore dispatching in addition to the usual two one of the two topicals. That is, 3 per post today, having in hand one only topical and one only Graphic for show on Thursday here. Do not dispatch any more either topical or Graphics until Thursday for arrival here on Monday and that will place matters right.

My Governor has been, I know, away on holidays two weeks during which time I have not heard from him and it is possible he has not looked you up yet. I have Denholm the Worlds Champion Equilibrist appearing here next week and if you can book anything for one week only to follow, it will all be in order. If there is great difficulty in getting artists to come north for one week never mind, as the dark nights setting in I am to try running without an artist. Regarding the artists Len & Lena, they were much to quite [too quiet?] a turn for Lerwick, although they went very well the second half of the week. Best wishes

Yours faithfully


Monday, 6 September, 1915