Letter to B.B. Pictures


Letter to B.B. Pictures


circuits, film supply


Dear Sirs

I have today received yours of the 3rd inst. Together with offered (now confirmed) list for the 13th week commencing - for which many thanks. I note that you do not think you could supply me with a programme singly after that, and that it would be October 11th before you could again place me on the circuit with Kirkwall and Thurso.

You will by this time have received my letter dated 6th Sept. and may now find it possible to supply me with a programme until such time as you find it convenient to place me on the circuit, and I enclose herewith prepaid telegram form which you might please use in confirming the above.

I have no objection to following after either Kirkwall or Thurso except perhaps that were Lerwick to come first on the circuit it would considerably lighten our carriage rates, while at the same time not interfering with the rates already paid by Kirkwall and Thurso. If necessary, to obtain the above results, I would willingly wait a week or two longer before being placed once more on the circuit or this could be done later on. Yours faithfully


Thursday, 9 September, 1915