María A. Vélez-Serna

Please note: This page is an archived version and is no longer updated. After the end of the project, Maria went on to work as a Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow at the University of Stirling.

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant

I finished my PhD at the University of Glasgow in 2012. My thesis, entitled Film distribution in Scotland before 1918, proposes an empirical approach to the history of the local film trade, using archive and local press material with particular attention to the spatial aspects of the institutionalisation of cinema and its links with other cultural practices. It involved extensive and innovative use of geo-database software tools (GIS) for analysis and visualisation. Some of the materials I created for it can be seen here. And here‘s my profile.

I am originally from Colombia, where I went to film school at the Universidad Nacional. After getting a MA in History of Art, Architecture and the City with a dissertation on Colombian cinema of the 1940s, I came to the University of Glasgow to do an MLitt in Film and TV Studies. My research project was on music in Scottish films of the 1930s, and became interested in the way that conventions and institutional structures emerge around new technologies or media, in this case those of sound on film. I enjoy archive research and the detective work involved in piecing together historical narratives, and am interested in open data and digital tools for scholarship and public engagement.

I am not a cinephile, but I love going to the cinema. I also like Glasgow, people, music, and light, both natural and artificial.