Project Data

We are working to make our data and research materials available and accessible. This is work in progress.

Archive material

We are building separate collections of digitised materials of various kinds.

Pickard’s Papers

A collection of scrapbooks owned by A. E. Pickard, the manager of the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall and other venues, between 1905 and 1915. This unique resource for social and entertainment history was digitised in partnership with the Britannia Panopticon Trust and with the support of the Heritage Lottery.

North Star Cinema letterbook

Carbon copies of correspondence from the manager of the North Star cinema in Lerwick, dating from 2 August 1915 to 17 September 1915. Held by Shetland Museum and Archives, the letters give an insight into the day-to-day business of a small town cinema in a geographically remote location.

Arthur Dent collection

Arthur Dent was a pioneer of Scottish film exhibition, and later on an important figure in the British film industry. These objects and papers have been digitised by kind permission from the descendants.

Data tables

While we aim to make the whole database available for queries and downloads, at the moment we do not have that capacity yet. These are the most recent exports of some of the data tables. Please get in touch if you want to request other tables or queries.

Scottish-related films

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