The filmography lists over 500 film titles, included on the basis of trade press descriptions which give a significant role to Scottish narratives, Scottish locations (real or imagined) or Scottish characters. Of these, 220 are titles of narrative feature films, and the rest are non-fiction. The fiction films include the handful of features produced in Scotland, and the rest are produced in Europe, England, or North America. Where possible, the entries include trade descriptions (reviews or synopses, or, occasionally, advice to managers on exploitation angles). Where the trade journal has been digitized (Moving Picture World [1907-1919] and Moving Picture Weekly [1915-1922]) the reviews are indicated by a URL. Where the trade journal has not been digitized (Bioscope [1908- ]), the review reference is indicated in the text.

Films based on work by Scottish authors are not included unless they have a significant Scottish element (e.g. Treasure Island, Ivanhoe or Peter Pan are not included).

The non-fiction films include sub-genres which have been identified as 'scenics', 'interest' and 'local topicals'. Their shooting locations, when known, can be viewed on the map.

ID Title Year Genre Production Company