Max Leder

Eugene Max Leder, a Swiss national, was the founder and proprietor of the A1 Cinema College in Glasgow in 1919, having previously been associated with the Midland Actorsí Film Producing Company in 1918. Both Colleges seem to have been seem to have been associated with Leder's ambitions to be a film producer. The A1 Cinema College was responsible for the production of The Harp King, trade shown in November 1919 and greeted with unenethusiastic reviews by the trade press. This production provided the basis for the incorporation of Ace Film Producing Company Ltd. in 1920 which numbered Leder and Thomas Keir Murray as directors, and subsequently Leder was taken on as producer with Broadway Stage and Cinema Productions which produced such comedy two-reelers as His Last Bachelor Night and Blasted Ambition. It is not clear that either were released widely, if at all. Leder also joined the Board of Arc Film Producing Company. Despite his apparent lack of success in producing widely distributed films, and the coolness of the trade press in relation to those that were trade shown, Leder's commitment to the production of local films with local talent and local themes is notable.

Source: Trevor Griffiths, Cinema and Cinemagoing in Scotland (Edinburgh University Press, 2012), pp.285-7. Caroline Merz, original research.