Arthur Vivian

Cinema owner and entrepreneur. 'Scotty', the Scottish correspondent of The Bioscope probably gives Vivian, a shareholder in United Films and an experienced 'cinematographist', a more prominent role in the production of Rob Roy (1911) than he actually had. His role is likely to have been from the perspective of an exhibitor rather than acting as producer or director. Arthur Vivian was an entrepreneurial cinema manager who, in June 1910, had formed his own company, the Scottish Moving Pictures Company, and taken over the lease of the St George's Picture Palace in Paisley, with himself as manager and his wife, Emily, as cashier. Vivian had been an operator with a Wrench projector, and went on tour as an electrician with the Benson Shakespearean Company in the West Indies. He had also worked as manager and operator with A D Thomas and Ralph Pringle. While in 1912 his career was flourishing with the opening of a cinema in Rosyth naval base and the building of the Majestic in Govanhill, Glasgow (two enterprises of Vivian's Pictures), as well as being appointed sole agent for the New Century Film Service, by 1914 he was seeking employment again, eventually finding a position as the manager of the Pavilion in Coatbridge. In 1915 he was the manager of a shooting saloon at 31 Argyle Street, Glasgow. Though his career trajectory seems to have gone downhill, it is reported that in 1914 he placed his home in Inverkeithing, his car and his chauffeur at the disposal of the wartime authorities, and by 1916 he had responded to the dearth of operators due to wartime consciption by introducing classes to train 'lady operators': 'on looking in at the class-room the other evening I found that five of the girls are already classed as proficient and capable of taking positions.' 'Scotty', in The Bioscope, 4 May, 1916.

Source: Short biography published in Bioscope 1912.08.01 p363.
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Valuation Roll for the City and Royal Burgh of Glasgow 1915-1916
Entertainer 3:141 1916.06.10