George Green

George Green was originally from Preston, Lancashire. A cabinet maker by trade, he ended up owning a roundabout by chance, travelled in Wigan and Nottingham and then leased Carnival grounds on Vinegarhill in the East End of Glasgow. He built a switchback railway and a variety theatre in the grounds. In 1896 he acquired a RW Paul projector and started showing films. Acquired Whitevale theatre, next door to the Carnival, in 1902 for films. This continued to be the headquarters of the company. By then Green's controlled up to six travelling bioscope shows, plus a large range of other fairground attractions. As the company continued to expand, George gave responsibilities to sons John Cyril and Bert. George attempted to sell most of the travelling equipment in 1914, and died in November 1915. The company continued to thrive, focusing on cinema construction and management.

Source: Trade Obituary in The Bioscope, 25.11.1915