James Bowie

Cinema manager with interests in venues in Bannockburn, and formerly associated with Bendon Trading Company, Bowie was managing director of United Films and is credited by the Scottish correspondent of The Bioscope with the production of Rob Roy (1911). 'There is not the slightest doubt that the Rob Roy and all the other films will command a big sale everywhere. Produced before our own Scottish audiences they are bound to create the greatest enthusiasm. Undoubtedly this is the most ambitious venture of the kind, so far promoted hereabouts, and I congratulate Mr James Bowie on his up-to-dateness and energy.' The Bioscope, 15 June, 1911. In the Bannockburn Picture House, Bowie's manager Mr. Clavering Power, 'assured the audience that any local event which was taking place would willingly be shown on the screen if desired, as Mr. Bowie would be very pleased to bring his apparatus to the district for the purpose of taking a film.'