William \'Prince\' Bendon

Lived in Devon before his family moved to Glasgow in 1871. Using the stage name of Prince Bendon, he began as a ventriloquist touring with such luminaries as Harry Lauder and W.F. Frame. Introduced 'Bendon's Bisocope' to his shows as early as 1897, and by 1905 he was billed as 'Bendon's Animated Pictures and Grand Ventriloquial Concert Party'. He became a pioneer of film renting and, before they became major renters themselves, both George Green and J.J. Bennell originally rented their films from the Bendon Trading Company, advertising itself as "Kinematograph Specialisers, Film Publishers and General Trader". Bendon suggested the formation of the Glasgow Cinema Club, and became its first president in 1919. Bendon retired in 1937 and his company was eventually bought over by United Artists.

Source: http://movingimage.nls.uk/biography/10002
'Glasgow's Oldest Renting Firm', The Bioscope, 1915-05-06