Away Up North

Picture House
Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

Cinema House
Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

Gaiety Theatre
Anderston Cross, Glasgow
James Hamilton

BIOSCOPE ((15.02.1912, p. iii, 'Films Week by Week' synopsis: 'It is pleasant to find a part of Scott's stirring romance visualised by th cinematograph, more especially as the particular part shown has been in the right hands for adaptation. It is that part of the story where Quentin Durward finds himself in France and rescues Isabelle de Croye from William de la Marck, as she is fleeing from her uncle, the powerful Duke of Burgundy, to throw herself on the protection of Louis XI.' Mentions Scott's original. French release date given as 1912.03.29. Also a 1910 version by Path

TitleAway Up North
SourceThe Bioscope