Scottish renter’s rapid rise

“Until three years ago, Mr. Green obtained all his films from other renters on hire, but demands for his increasing number of halls, and the fact that other showmen solicited his help in picking their programmes, brought him face to face with the necessity of becoming his own renter. Thus, in an office 6 ft. by 6 ft. (a disused winding room in one of his theatres), the business commenced which to-day gives employment to close on fifty people, and which next month will be housed in a three-storied building, having many thousands of feet of floor space. The late Mr. John Cyril Green was placed in charge of the hiring department, and it was due to the energy and intelligence he brought to bear on the new department that most of its success was attained. Associated with the department at the time was Mr. Dearden, now the respected representative of the firm in London. The number of customers increased so rapidly that a portable building was utilised. This provided a fair-sized office, with a projection room in the rear. Here, for a time, the business was carried on, but soon this proved all too small, and the premises now occupied by the firm were constructed. These in their turn were this year found insufficient, and a move is being made in May to larger premises in the centre of the City. Messrs. Green now own ten halls, and have one rebuilding, and three for which plans are at present being prepared. The equipment at the Carnival includes, in addition to three motor cars for delivery of films, a large well-lighted studio for production work, and a completely fitted department for developing and printing; and on the present premises being vacated, they will be converted into another studio for special productions. The hiring department is now under the charge of Mr. Fred Green, whose experience with travelling shows and permanent halls fits him admirably for the position. An intuitive capacity for doing things and getting them done has marked Mr. Fred as the right person to carry the business to still further prosperity, and when the business has progressed from four halls and five customers three years ago, to ten halls and over a hundred customers having complete programmes to-day, no one can deny that it is on the right lines. While encouraging regular programmes, Messrs. Green have built up a big connection in exclusives, while they have supplied the demand for serials in a way which quite entitles them to use the phrase: “The house for serials.””

TitleScottish renter’s rapid rise
SourceThe Bioscope