Bonnie Annie Laurie (1918) - Markets at a Glance

Trade Show (Super Cinema, December 24th 1918). Release June 1919
'A Scotch Idyll featuring Peggy Hyland as a girl who, betrothed to one man, gives her heart into the keeping of a mysterious stranger whom she rescues from drowning on her native shores. Recovering his lost memory the stranger proves his American identity, and also goes to the war, where he meets the betrothed and becomes friends with him. Eventually the betrothed rescues his companion and is blinded for life. Having to choose between them Annie Laurie decides her duty lies in sacrificing herself for the hero. Conventional story relieved by good all-round acting and fine photography.'

TitleBonnie Annie Laurie (1918) - Markets at a Glance
SourceThe Bioscope