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'Scotland will again be welcoming Bonnie Prince Charlie within the next week or two, but on this occasion the romantic young figure of the Young Pretender will appear as a film hero in the Gaumont Company Limited's romance, "Bonnie Prince Charlie" on which the actual work of photography will be commenced on July 16th.
'A tremendous amount of research work has already been done, whilset the producers have been waiting for the better weather, which is essential to photographing in the Highlands, and now that it shows promise of having come to stay Capt. Calvert, the director, who has only just finished production of "Lights o' London", is getting busy on the work of making the film record of the adventures of the fascinating young Charles Stuart.
'Considerable curiosity has already been aroused as to the identity of the players who will be cast for the two principal roles of Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora MacDonald. The Gaumont Company, Limited, have made special efforts to secure players whose ability to make these characters live on the screen will appeal to the imagination of the world, and an interesting announcement in this direction may be expected during the next few days.'

TitleTrade News
SourceThe Bioscope