Bonnie Prince Charlie - Production report

'A battle scene, which cost the Gaumont Company a considerable sum, has just been staged at Culloden, near Inverness, with Captain Calvert in full charge of operations. The filming of the famous battle, which completes the production of "Bonnie Prince Charlie", is claimed to be one of the most ambitious attempts ever made by a British producing concern. It was Captain Calvert's original intention to employ 2,000 men, but eventually he had to be content with 1,200, and they were raised by personal appeal from the stage of the Scala and Picture House, Inverness, through the courtesy of Mr. McKenzie.
'Two regiments, with their officers, were loaned to Captain Calvert to take part in the fight - the Inverness contingent of Cameron Highlanders and the Gordon and Seaforth Highlanders from Fort George - while all the available unemployed were pressed into service.
'The collection of costumes and accoutrements was quite a task on its own account, especially the gathering up of now scarce muzzle-loading rifles, of which some 600 were required. The artillery was copied from specimens in the Woolwich Arsenal Museum, and every piece was wired for electrical discharge.
'The preliminary arrangements in Scotland were made by Cyril Smith, who went up to Inverness, the nearest town to Culloden, some weeks earlier. Captain Calvert followed with his staff of assistants, including Messrs. Payne, Lang, Harcourt, Templeman and Briggs. They were accompanied by a truckload of properties.
'Many slight casulaties resulted from the fighting, and one man had to be removed to hospital, but the presence of a doctor and a well-equipped medical tent sufficed to remedy all minor wounds. The catering arrangements were excellently carried out, every man being served with hot stewed steak and potatoes, bread, cheese and coffee. The unemployed section in particular were not slow in expressing their appreciation.'

TitleBonnie Prince Charlie - Production report
SourceThe Bioscope