Bonnie Prince Charlie - From British Studios

'Jacobite sympathies should be stirred in the Gaumont film romance, "Bonnie Prince Charlie", by the introduction of such Jacobite rites and symbols as the ceremonial drinking of the toast to "The King over the Water", the featuring of the white rose of the Stuart cause and the wearing of the white cockade. Flora (portrayed by Gladys Cooper) giving kisses and cockades, makes a delectable recruiting scene. The Jacobite toast, "The King over the Water", is drunk right at the commencement of the film by the chieftains of the seven big clans and even as it is drunk today (by Jacobites) the glasses are touched over a punch bowl filled with water to represent the narrow seas.
'Although there is plenty of thrilling and dramatic adventure in the film, and Captain Calvert describes his Prince as the hero of song and legend rather than the Prince Charlie of history, some of the incidents have foundation in fact. One of the most thrilling episodes, for instance, is the escape of Charles to the Isle of Skye disguised as Flora MacDonald's maid. The incident is vividly described by Flora herself in her delightfully written autobiography. It must be confessed that to read this witty book will destroy all idea of a romance, other than a patriotic interest, between the Prince and Flora, who was something of a blue stocking in real life, a staunch adherent to her father's political opinions, and one fo the few women Doctor Johnson ever honoured with a compliment. However, for film purposes we shall be content with the velvet-coated beautiful Flora of romance.
'Gladys Cooper had a nasty fall climbing down a rope, which parted in the middle, when, as Flora, she had to escape this way from a window. Captain Calvert refused to allow her to take the scene again. The fall has been left in the film, but the producer decided not to include Miss Cooper landing and laughing.'

TitleBonnie Prince Charlie - From British Studios
SourceThe Bioscope