Bonnie Prince Charlie - Exploitation

Exploitation Ideas for British Film Weeks

'Here is an opportunity to appeal to your Scottish patrons, and to offer a spectacular British Production dealing with a romance of national history. Bagpipes, even in an English town, always attract a considerable amount of attention, and you might do well to have a man attired in full Highland dress wearing a Stuart tartan parading the streets with his instrument a week or so prior to your screening. He should be accompanied by a boy also in Highland costume, who could distribute handbills regarding the showing of the picture. Try to get as much cooperation as possible from dealers in Scottish goods, such as tweeds, Scotch shortbread, Scotch whisky, etc.
A useful throwaway, which would undoubtedly be kept by your patrons, would be a small sprig of heather for luck, to which a card could be attached advertising the film. Many people are prone to put much faith in mascots, and these little advertisements would find their way into many homes.The piper referred to above could assist your presentation by marching down the central aisle of the theatre prior to the screening, his passage being picked out by a spotlght or some similar device. Scottish melodies, such as "Scots Wha Hae", "Annie Laurie", "Bonnie Dundee", etc. could be played by the orchestra, whilst a few claymores, shields and strips of tartan could be used in decorating the lobby.'

TitleBonnie Prince Charlie - Exploitation
SourceThe Bioscope