The White Cockade in London

'In commemoration of the anniversary of the death of Charles Edward Stuart, the Young Pretender of history and the Bonnie Prince Charlies of legend and song, who died in exile in Rome on January 31, 1788, a big Jacobite rally is being organised for next Thursday evening at the Philharmonic Hall, where the "Bonnie Prince Charlie" film romance is now being shown. There are a considerable number of Jacobite sympathisers in London, and a big muster is expected. It is probable that a prominent member of one of the Jacobite societies will speak. Meanwhile, many good Scots are paying a pilgrimage to the theatre, and one man, born at Moidart on the West Coast of Scotland, where Prince Charlie landed to raise the standard of rebellion in 1745, has already seen the film through several times.'

TitleThe White Cockade in London
SourceThe Bioscope