Films as we see them: Bride of Lammermoor (1910)

Films As We See Them: 'This subject is a reproduction in pictures of Sir Walter Scott's well-known novel of the same name. It will be remembered that Edgard of Ravenswood saved the life of Lucy Ashton by a timely appearance just when she is in danger at the hands of a band of brigands. Later, forgetting the hatred that existed between the two families, Edgard visits Lucy at her father's castle, and the two exchange a token of love in the garden. It happens that Lady Ashton, Lucy's mother, sees them from a window, and violently upbraids the pair when they return to the house. She orders Edgard away, and intimates to Lucy that Lord Buckland is to be her husband. Heartbroken, Lucy writes to Edgard, but her mother discovers the note and destroys it. Then comes the marriage scene in the drawing-room of the castle, when, just as Lucy has reluctantly signed the marriage contract, Edgard rushes into the room and snatching up the parchment, throws it upon the ground and stamps upon it. But it is of no avail, for Lucy is legally married to Buckland. The strained state of her mind, however, drives her first into hysterics and then into the realm of insanity, and, whilst in that state she kills her husband with a dagger, and herself dies of her sorrow at the moment that her terrified parents enter the room.

TitleFilms as we see them: Bride of Lammermoor (1910)
SourceThe Bioscope