Many up-to-date wrinkles in Glasgow picture theatres

Letters from David P Howells, American film exporter, who was visiting the UK. He praises Glasgow cinemas.

Most of the houses are attractively decorated, elegantly furnished, and fitted up in the most artistic, up-to-date manner. The lobbies are exceptionally pleasing with dimmed lights, cozy lounging chairs and divans, flowers, and in one case a playing fountain which sends its spray over coloured lights into a marble basin. One striking feature of the Glasgow houses is their tea rooms and smoking rooms, which are run in connection with the show. These rooms attract a great deal of trade and most of the patrons who come in for a cup of tea remain to see the pictures and those who come to see the pictures usually stop for tea or coffee, a sandwich, a jam tart, or a piece of the famous Scotch short bread. Mr Howells visited the Glasgow Empire Theatre, the Picture House, Cranston's, La Scala and other chief shows. [...]
The picture business in Glasgow appears to be very flourishing. The streets are crowded with people, many of whom seek an hour's respite at the pictures. They are well attended and count among their patrons people of all classes - from men and women of leisure, down to the old women who sell wattle and violets on the street corners and the rosy-cheeked girl porters who hustle the mail and baggage off the various railway stations.

TitleMany up-to-date wrinkles in Glasgow picture theatres
SourceMoving Picture World