Life of Robert Burns_review

'Suitability: For Scottish audiences anywhere where Scottish music and vocalists are employed.

'The Story: A jumbled up concoction of incidents in the life of Scotland's national bard, interspersed with some splendid examples of Scotland's beauty spots, and inserts illustrating some of the poet's well-known poems and songs. It is full of glaring mistakes, which will appear farcical and disappoint those who know their "Burns". Many of the sub-titles are unnecessary, and the portrayal of Burns himself leaves much to be desired. The same careless methods which are so obvious in the historical parts are repeated in the dresses and some of the settings.

'Acting: The producer's instructions have been faithfully carried out by the players, most of whom have local reputations as actors in Scottish dramas on the legitimate stage, but as screen actors they have still a long way to go before they earn the right to be named on the screen cast.

'Direction: The picture has been built on the lines of a previous box-office winner by the same producer, "Bonnie Scotland Calls You". The photography is really excellent and the scope for exploitation with Scottish music and songs will make it a popular offering despite its obvious drawbacks.'

TitleLife of Robert Burns_review
SourceThe Bioscope