Scottish Section_Life of Robert Burns

'"The Life of Robert Burns" - A Slashing Criticism'
'The film of "The Life of Robert Burns" which is reviewed elsewhere in this issue, receives an unmerciful hammering for Mr John S. Clarke in an article in a Glasgow Labour contemporary. Mr Clarke is one of the foremost authorities on the life and writings of the national poet and his opinions on what he calls " a travesty in celluloid" is worthy of being quoted.

"To deliberately set out to ruin the scenery of Scotland, its streams, mountains and moorlands, and to martyr the art of photography into the bargain ... is an act of vandalism one cannot forgive. The very worst that can be said about the gross and utterly ridiculous caricaturing of Burns, his relatives, his friends, and characters, witnessed on Tuesday, is that serious criticism is not merited by such blatant trash.

'"The picture could be considerably improved by cutting out fully fifty per cent of the celluloid and then setting fire to the other fifty."'

TitleScottish Section_Life of Robert Burns
SourceThe Bioscope