Films Week by Week - Lucy of Lammermoor

'Edgard rescues Lucy from a perilous plight in the hills. An attachment springs up between the pair, but Lucy's brother, the Lord of the Castle, has other plans for her welfare. As a consequence of a tale-bearer's report of the lovers' meeting, Edgard is dispatched to some distant part on a mission, and Lucy is compelled to betroth herself to Sir Arthur. Preparations for the wedding are hurried on with all speed, and the ceremony is actually in progress when Edgard returns. He rushes forward to find that he is too late, and that Lucy is now Sir Arthur's wife! The scene shifts to the bridal chamber. The bride, under the stress of her emotions, has lost her reason. She lights upon a dagger, and fondles it as something precious. Sir Arthur approaches his bride, but as he is about to embrace her she plunges the dagger into his heart. Then, with insane laughter she wanders out onto the castle terrace. Edgard at the gate sees her, breakls through, and flies to her side. She greets him with wild excitement, reels and drops lifeless at his feet. The distracted lover mounts his horse and gallops forth into the night. Heedless of his couse, he dashes down the cliffs, and next morning the cold light rises on Edgard's body at the foot of the rocks.'

TitleFilms Week by Week - Lucy of Lammermoor
SourceThe Bioscope