Macbeth (1913)

'A Magnificent "Macbeth"
A Tribute to English Acting
'Some weeks ago we gave a brief forecast of the very interesting doings of Mr. Arthur Bourchier and Miss Violet Vanburgh with regard to the filming of Shakespeare's great tragedy of "Macbeth" at Heidelberg. The many difficulties incidental to such a huge production as was then briefly outlined and so happily conceived by Director Landmann, of the Filmindustrie Gesellschaft, have now been overcome after a series of very arduous proceedings.
'For days the entire company, which also included many famous German names, would be kept on the actual ground secured for the taking of the picture, and weather conditions would render good results almost an impossibility. However, Herr Landmann was in no way disheartened, nor were Mr. Bourchier and his charming wife, and the long "waits" were endured in the supreme faith of an ultimate triumph. That such has been achieved there is no gainsaying, and, from a series of glorious photographs we have received, but can only, unfortunately, find space for two, we note that the scenes are marked by a perfection of detail hitherto only attainable in the masterpieces of a Teniers or a Holman Hunt.
'Mr Bourchier and Miss Vanburgh were on the ground often enough as early as 6 a.m., accompanied by a huge retinue of mail-clad warriors, rude Highlanders, grisly witches, and the ever-useful operators, while Herr Landmann would be anxiously gazing skyward beneath the battlements of the ancient Castle of Heidelberg, secured for the production. No expense had been spared, and very many indeed of Mr. Bourchier's original ideas as to the perfect production of Shakespeare's greatest tale of strife and battle were utilised to the full.
'The German art critics took the keenest interest in the production, which proved indeed a revelation to many in a land noted for its strong appreciation of art in its very noblest forms. The special permission of the authorities was secured, and the full rights to use the magnificent ruins and grounds were taken advantage of, with the result that a film has been secured which will be well worthy of a place as a permanent record of a great Shakespearian production long after it has ceased to interest a pleasure-saturated public.'

TitleMacbeth (1913)
SourceThe Bioscope