Master of Grays

'In this blending of the two ballads, "The Master of Grays" and "Auld Robin Gray", we have two romantic love dramas, showing how the ancient curse in the first episode in 1680, which prophesied disaster attending the wedding of a humbly-borh maiden was verified in another notable instance.
'The first part of the production deals with the "Master's" mating with the wild girl of the woods who was a shrew, and of whom he grew so tired that he sought the desperate means of riddling himslef of her by drowning her with his own hands, only to suffer in his turn by falling a victim to her small brother's knife.
'The second part is a somewhat lengthy dramatisation of the other ballad, the story of which has much in to appeal to every romanic heart, especially as "Jamie", the absent loverm returns to be made happy by the self-sacrificing and wholly chivalrous husband, whose "only way" is to make out a will which will bring substantial happiness to the young couple whom fate seemed determined to part, and end his own life in the waters of the lake.
'Miss Ethel Douglas, Mr. Harry Clifford, Miss Athalie Davis, and the boy "Little Rex" act earnestly in their respective parts.
'The romantic scenery of Scotland is beautifully produced, together with picturesque interiors of the castle and the church.
'To those who revel in sentiment of the gloomy order this film may appeal.'

TitleMaster of Grays
SourceThe Bioscope