Scottish Historical Dramas

In same issue as advertisement for United Films' 'native' version of Rob Roy with John Clyde.

For some time past the Gaumont Company have been preparing a series of Scottish historical dramas, which are being filmed on the actual ground upon which the original incidents occurred. A company of artistes is now in Macgregors' country in Perthshire and Argyllshire, the kind permission of the Duke of Argyll having been secured. The principal subject which has been produced is Rob Roy, and further particulars will be announced at an early date. Neeldess to say, these films should go towards popularising what may be termed native picture plays in this country, and give to the Southron an opportunity of witnessing some of the famous Scottish dramas enacted in the locality in which they were first written.

TitleScottish Historical Dramas
SourceThe Bioscope