Chat with 'Rob Roy'

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I had the pleasure this week of having a chat with 'Rob Roy', who, hearing I was 'in town', called with a view to having his Scotch rubbed up before proceeding to the Clachan at Aberfoyle. Mr David Hawthorne, who has been cast for the part of 'Rob Roy' is delighted with the script, and I should think that Mr. Kellino is equally delighted with his 'Rob Roy'. Mr Hawthorne is a fine figure of a fellow, and when attired in the kilt will make a braw 'Rob Roy'. It is hoped that early next month the full gathering of the clans will be on location, and that work will proceed merrily to completion. We must look in at the 'Bailie Nicol Jarvie' one of these fine days.

TitleChat with 'Rob Roy'
SourceThe Bioscope


Rob Roy