Behind the Camera:Rob Roy_2

Behind the Camera' report on filming Rob Roy

No fewer than fifteen players received first aid after the 'big Fight' in Rob Roy, which is now completed save for three weeks work on interiors at the Gaumont Studios. To secure realism in these battle scenes, Will Kellino cunningly composed his armies of Stirling and Glasgow men respectively. Local rivalry was given full play, with the result that even the professional soldiers who shared in the fray -- including four companies of Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders -- enjoyed a hot five minutes. The whole affair was a tribute to Mr. Kellino's organising abilities, including as it did transport by two special trains and catering by a big field kitchen. Working under the supervision of Mr. Whitelaw, expert on Scottish antiquities, fifty dressers costumed and made up over 800 supers within an hour and a half.'

TitleBehind the Camera:Rob Roy_2
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Rob Roy