Away Up North - Rob Roy

I am pleased to be able to intimate that the United Films Limited, 4, Howard Street, Glasgow, have very enterprisingly arranged for the taking of films representing the famous play of Rob Roy and other historic Scottish dramas. A company of leading actors and actresses has been engaged to produce the entire dramas on our native heath - right in the heart of the Highlands - and the resulting pictures ought undoubtedly to stir many audiences everywhere to the highest pitch of enthusiasm. Included in the company engaged to enact the dramas amid the most romantic of Scottish scenery are the two famous actors, Mr John Clyde and Mr Durward Lely, and they will have the assistance of over seventy competent actors and actresses to interpret the other parts. It can readily be imagined that at the moment Mr James Bowie, the popular manager, is an extremely busy man, and I am quite certain that the latest enterprise of United Films will ensure him being kept so for many months to come. The films, I may mention, will be produced under the personal supervision of Mr Arthur Vivian, and this expert cinematographist will take charge of the company during the sojourn up North. Mr Vivian knows the business to his finger-tips, and the mere fact that he is at the helm is a sure guarantee of success.
There is not the slightest doubt that the Rob Roy and all the other films will command a big sale everywhere. Produced before our own Scottish audiences they are bound to create the greatest enthusiasm. Undoubtedly this is the most ambitious venture of the kind, so far promoted hereabouts, and I congratulate Mr James Bowie on his up-to-dateness and energy.

TitleAway Up North - Rob Roy
SourceThe Bioscope


Rob Roy