Away Up North: Rob Roy

An invitation performance of the Rob Roy film was given in the Picture House, Sauchiehall Street, to the Lord Provost and Magistrates of the City of Glasgow and other specially invited guests. The use of the theatre was very kindly granted by the Provincial Cinematograph Company, Limited, and the film unfolded under the supervision of Mr. James Bowie, managing director of the United Films, Limited, while Mr J. Mitchell, the manager of the Picture House, had all the arrangements verify completely made.

It need hardly be said that the film produced great enthusiasm among the 400 guests in attendance, and the wonderfully detailed manner on which the famous story of Sir Walter Scott is told elicited the warmest praise. Nothing is wanting to make the drama complete, and the acting of Mr. John Clyde as the intrepid Rob Roy aroused universal admiration. It was freely admitted that the United Films were exceedingly fortunate in their selection of Mr Clyde, and his acting throughout the whole film is remarkable. Special music has been arranged for the film by Mr H. Henderson, conductor of the Grand Orchestra, Glasgow, and this - played by a first-class orchestra - aroused much enthusiasm.

At the conclusion of the film, Mr McKinnon, of the United Films, Limited, thanked the company for their kind presence, and for the appreciative manner in which they had watched the performance of Rob Roy. He expressed the hope that everybody had enjoyed the drama. Mr. Walter Freer made an appropriate reply. The film, he said, was complete in every detail, and he congratulated the company upon their enterprise and up-to-datedness.

On the dispersal of the audience Mr. Bowie was the recipient of many hearty congratulations on the success of the film, and we are pleased to hear that - since the release of the film to the public on Monday evening last week - large and enthusiastic audiences have crowded the Picture House in order to witness it.'


Then I had the pleasure of calling at St George's Picture Theatre, and I found this hall still being presided over by Mr. Arthur Vivian, the ever-popular manager. The event of the evening was Scotland's national drama, "Rob Roy" (United Films, Limited), and there was immense enthusiasm from first to last. On this occasion Mr. Vivian had all his staff dressed in full Highland costume, and at special parts of the production pipers played well-known airs pertaining to the drama. The enterprise of Mr. Vivian has met with overwhelming success during the past week, and there have been overflowing audiences at every performance - which goes to prove that Scotland appreciates the bold Rob Roy. On the last evening, so great was the success of the film that Mr Vivian had to make a speech in deference to repeated calls, and he assured his patrons that he would bring the film back in the near future.

TitleAway Up North: Rob Roy
SourceThe Bioscope