Welsh Pearson's Latest - The Romany

The Romany, written by Eliot Stannard, and produced so far as exteriors are concerned in the Highlands of Scotland, has now been completed by Welsh Pearson, and will be shown to the Trade very shortly.
It is a story of gipsy love, full of tense situations, fine scenery, and is of the romantic type so much liked by the British people.
Most of the exteriors were filmed in Perthshire where the sun is rarely kind to the photographer. Much patience on the part of F. Martin Thornton, the producer, however, brought unusual luck and rich photographic rewards. With the frowning Grampian Mountains around them the company carried on at Dalnaspidal, the summit of the Grampians, and later went on to Glen Tilt, owned by the Duke of Atholl, who generously placed his estate at the disposal of the company, offering every facility for filming exterior scenes around about the picturesque cottages and among his Highland cattle and sheep.
The film called for the real gipsies, who were found at Buckie Fair, and they gladly and enthusiastically joined forces, giving a wonderful air of reality to the production. These gipsies, the king of whom is Samson Young and the queen Wilhelmina Young, hail from Epping Forest, and with their sixteen caravans, fifty horses, and 195 caravan and tent inhabitants added picturesqueness to the whole production, besides acquitting themselves excellently in the parts of supers, in which they were joined by many of the local inhabitants clad in Highland dress.
The story deals with the loves of a gipsy king, played by Victor McLaglen, and of a gipsy princess, played by Irene Norman, who is playing her first big part in a film.
Among others in the company of players are Hugh E. Wright, Peggy Hathaway as Flora, in love with the gipsy king, and Ida Fane as Zilla, the gipsy grandmother.
During the whole time the party were in Perthshire, they lived under canvas among the gispsies with their caravans, and while at Glen Tilt gave a concert at the Drill Hall, realising

TitleWelsh Pearson's Latest - The Romany
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