Behind the Camera - The Romany

Even when not actually working before the camera Victor McLaglen does not allow himself a complete rest. During the last week he has been up in Scotland with Mr Martin Thornton, who will direct him in his next film, searching for good types of gipsies to act as 'atmosphere' for the next film in which Mr. McLaglen will play. After many days search they found the gipsies they wanted. They are one of the oldest Romany tribes to be found in Scotland, and McLaglen said it was exceedingly difficult to persuade them to accept Mr Thornton's offer of financial reward for their services as film actors. 'They are exceedingly proud of their ancestry,' says McLaglen, 'and were very much opposed at first to the idea of appearing on the film, especially when we told them we would pay them. The head gipsy made me understand that they were not in need of money - however, we eventually won them to our side, and for several weeks whilst the film, is being made we are to live with them in their camp.'

TitleBehind the Camera - The Romany
SourceThe Bioscope


Romany, The