Behind the Camera - McLaglen

On his return from Blair Atholl estate, where he has been encamped for the making of his new film, Victor McLaglen writes to say that he does not know how he will ever settle down to life in London again. 'I've learnt to do the eightsome reel and the sword dance,' he says, 'and now only need to learn the bagpipes to complete the picture. I wear a kilt all the time - have had to put up with a Cameron tartan, my efforts to find that of the McLaglen being fruitless [the Maclaggen is the nearest]. Also, I've learned from gipsies the art of fortune-telling, and am now an expert. Moreover, I am a snarer - of rabbits - and wood-cutter in chief. The last time I chopped trees was in Canada, so it is quite like old times.'

TitleBehind the Camera - McLaglen
SourceThe Bioscope


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