Scottish Settings for Picture Plays

It is quite evident that film producing companies are wakening up to the fact that Scotland can provide the real thing in scenery for picture productions, and the specially favoured spots that producers have chosen for 'location' up to the present seem to be 'round about the Round O'. Probably even some of the Scottish cinema trade may not know where that district is be this description, so it may be well to explain that it is the Arbroath district that has become the haunt of producers, film stars, and all the other supernumeraries who 'shoot' scenes for the movies. Auchmithie was a great centre of attraction last year, when the Broadwest Film Company were taking the scenes for Christie Johnston, and this week Carnoustie is the envied spot. Victor McLaglen, the famous athletic star, along with other film celebrities, is astonishing the natives of this favourite resort these day by showing them how pictures are made. The subject the company are working on is a gipsy romance, and while the opening scenes are laid in Carnoustie, other districts of Scotland will be visited for scenes for this production, including the rugged district of the Deeside Highlands. Scottish scenery has a worldwide appeal, and if we may parody a poet's musings to suit our subject, and at the same time express the sentiments of Scotland towards the movie men, we would put it like this: -
Scotland calls from her mountain home
To producers far and near:
And clear her voice like a trumpet tone
That the cinema trade may hear.
Gallant cinema men, who fame adore,
On with Scottish productions go,
And screen the scenes of my well-loved shore
And the world your name will know.

TitleScottish Settings for Picture Plays
SourceThe Bioscope


Romany, The