Exploitation Ideas for British Film Weeks

Young Lochinvar

Young Lochinvar

Here is another Highland picture, and you cannot do better than follow the suggestions which have already been given in the case of Bonnie Prince Charlie. Here is an opportunity of not only advertising a British production, but an essentially British story as well. Some such phrases as, 'British story from British studios for the British screen lover' can be used. You will probably be able to dig up the famous poem which bears the same title as the film, and which we believe is being made into a song. Have a chat with your musical director regarding this, and, if possible, arrange for a number of Scottish melodies to be played, giving your patrons a small multigraphed slip on which they should enter the names of the various selections played. This will serve to impress the title, Young Lochinvar, upon them. You might also use some of the phrases of the poem in your programme. Naturally advertise the fact that the title role is played by that stage favourite, Owen Nares. Also make a point of drawing attention to the beautiful scenery which can be seen in this picturesque production.

TitleExploitation Ideas for British Film Weeks
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