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On Young Lochinvar

Nelson Ramsay, who was with the Stoll Company in Scotland making Young Lochinvar had the curious experience of acting near the house where he was born. He tells me that there is a marked difference difference between the English and Scotch crowds who gather to watch film-making. "Special cha-a-bancs ran to the location near Glasgow, and sight-seers came from miles and miles around to watch us at work, but they behaved in a wonderful manner. There was no pushing or shouting; instead the onlookers sat upon the sides of the hills, turning the whole place into a sort of amphitheatre. When any of them were asked to move out of range of the camera they did so like a flock of sheep - all together. They were absolutely obedient, better, in fact, in this respect than most of our local supers."

TitleScottish Section
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