Scotland For Ever!

Scottish Section: General News and Notes

Scotland is coming out strong in the picture world these days, and if the patriots of the Scottish cinema trade 'craw a bit crouse' they have good reasons for it. Last week THE BIOSCOPE commented on the fact that film producing companies were wakening up to the fact that Scotland could provide the real thing in settings for picture plays. [See 'Scottish Settings for Picture Plays'] But Auld Scotia is advancing in other spheres of 'movie' activities. The authoress of Hepworth's latest picture Tit for Tat, which was trade shown in London recently, is a Prestwick lady - viz. Miss J.K. Roberston - who resides at Cairndale Cottage, Ayr Road, Prestwick, and this latest recruit to the ranks of Scottish authors who can provide picture plots that will please the public, puts another feather in our bonnet; and when one remembers Mr. J. J. Bell's recent success as a screen author in Wee McGreegor's Sweetheart to say nothing at all about the adaptations of Barries Little Minister, Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush and The Lilac Sunbonnet, it must be admitted that Scottish authors are keeping Caledonia's banner flying on the standard all right. Scottish history and folk lore is also represented by Gaumont's Rob Roy and The Homes and Haunts of Robert Burns, and Bendon's Mary Queen of Scots, and it is whispered that a Life of the 'immortal Rabbie' is likely to be done shortly. Even this brief survey, taken in conjunction with our paragraph of last week's issue, makes one feel that we can join conscientiously in the slogan 'SCOTLAND FOR EVER!' without being successfully challenged by pseudo critics of Auld Caledonia.

TitleScotland For Ever!
SourceThe Bioscope