Arthur Dent Comes South

Maurice Arthur Dent, who has been appointed to the Executive Board of Wardour's Films, Limited, and is taking over the sales managership of that company, is a Londoner, although for over a decade h has been an outstanding personality in the Scottish cinema trade. Born some forty yard ago, he spent his boyhood days in London. His parents' ambitions were that he should be trained for the Jewish Ministry, but the parental ambitions did not fit in with the family exchequer, and Arthur gave up his studies and joined the Yost typewriting company in a very humble capacity. The glamour of the footlights, however, proved more attractive, and he joined a stock dramatic company and toured th South of England; after which he secured engagements in the well-known dramatic companies controlled by Maggie Morton and Whiteman. During that time the potentialities of the silent drama were recognised by Mr. Dent, who got in touch with the X.L. Film Company, and was appointed representative for the Eastern Counties. Subsequently, he accepted an outside representative's position with Path

TitleArthur Dent Comes South
SourceThe Bioscope


Arthur Dent