Scottish Notes: Oh! Those American Producers

Suggestion that Scots are beginning to get fed up with American assumptions about what they wear and how they speak.: Oh! Those American Producers I am going to advocate that every American producing company which attempts to produce a Scottish picture should have a Scotsman on their staff to keep them right as to what is the correct wear for the ladies and gentlemen of the land o' cakes. We do not all wear kilts and Glengarry bonnets, with "dam brod" pattern borders (P.S. -- that "dam brod" expression must not be taken literally, it only means sraughtboard pattern.) We have had "Peggy", now are given "A Daughter of Macgregor", and, in the near future, are to have Mary Pickford in "The Pride of the Clan", and the Scottish dress in each will be a laughing stock to every Scottish man and woman who sees them. As Mr Waddell would say, "The worst of it is that we know they are doing their best."'

Article on attempt by Home Office to hand censorship back to local authorities.

Short note on response of cinema to allegations of impropriety in cineas in evidence to Commission

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TitleScottish Notes: Oh! Those American Producers
SourceThe Bioscope