Review of 'The Clyde from Source to Sea'. BISOCOPE (8.12.1921) Romantic story of a famous British river — Clydeside scenes and stories admirably pictured — Brilliant photography and artistic setting.
‘The life of a famous British river from its birthplace in the hills to its grave in the sea is the subject of this singularly well photographed “interest” picture, which took two whole summers to make. There is almost a dramatic note in this pageant story of how a meagre rivulet, straddled by a child at play, rushes westward, gathering strength and passion from mountain torrents till it reaches maturity as the Mighty Clyde.
,Although there are necessarily frequent gaps in the continuity of this romance, the producer has incorporated with the tale of the river many varied scenes recalling historic incidents that have been enacted beside its banks. Lanark and the upper reaches, for example, are identified with Sir William Wallace, whose exploits are described in the titling. (By double exposure the producer might well have shown us a ghostly vision of the champion and his comrades on the original ground.) Lamington, Biggaur, Hyndford Bridge, Bonnington Falls, Mauldshe Castle, and Motherwell Cross, all have their associations, whilst a modern tragedy is glimpsed in views of the doomed Hamilton Palace, now in course of demolition to make way for a coal mine. Glasgow and Clydebank, whence the now powerful river has borne some of the world’s greatest ships to the sea are fully illustrated, and there are many excellent studies of the romantic scenery of the Clyde estuary.
‘With such a wealth of material at its disposal, the producer’s chief difficulty was to decide what he should reject. On the whole, his selection of scenes has been made intelligently, and with an appreciative eye for pictorial effect. As a complete production the film undoubtedly conveys a good general idea of the leading scenic characteristics and historical associations of the great Scottish waterway. The photography is of brilliant quality throughout, and the pictorial titling, executed, we understand, in Glasgow, is exceptionally artistic.
To Scotchmen all over the world these glimpses of home will doubtless prove an irresistible attraction. Even to the mere Southerner they are consistently interesting, whilst also possessing marked pictorial charm. In some details the wording of the titles might be amplfied for the benefit of the "foreigners". However, the series is a thoroughl sound production, which should prove a useful addition to almost any programme.'

The Clyde from Source to Sea

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