CDL Conferences at Glasgow and Newcastle

Three-page report of meeting of Cinematograph Defence League, held in Central Hotel, Glasgow, called by JJ Bennell.
Attended by about fifty trade members and leading to formation of branch.
Those present included: GS Adam, EHA Bostock, JK Bostock, J Bowden, J Clark, FL Clayton, JM Dearden, Sidney H Carter, HW Day, Val Dee, G Dickinson, Peter Feathers, J George, George Green, GF [Fred] Green, Thomas Haddow, A Henderson, JR Hunter, JB Lainton, WM Lawson, W Lewis, R Lever, J Loudin, George Mackenzie, R Maver, Hamish Mc Laren, G Melvins, George Mitchell, Tom Nunn, Dove Paterson, AE Pickard, G Scott, JM Slora, David Stewart, Robert Stewart, RV Singleton, Tom Teal, A Tinker, HG Titchener, T Valios, K Wheinstone, J Wingate, and GB Woosltenhulme.
Representatives of the Cinematograph Defence League, Warwick Trading Company, Edison, and Globe travelled from London.

They discuss the variability in application of the Cinematograph Act of 1909 and the need to organise together. Sidney Carter remarks that the national organisation seemed to be very London-centric.
Dove Paterson says he has an easy time in Aberdeen as the chief constable is supportive, while in Glasgow J Bowden says regulations are rather arbitrary (in particular regarding lavatory accommodation) and hopes the League might help. A Henderson says Dundee regulations are quite harsh, and is seconded by Feathers and Bennell.
Chairman Haddow says this shows why a Scottish branch is necessary, not only over issue of Sunday opening.

They move to constitute the branch with Bennell as chairman and Hamish McLaren as secretary.

"The real principle at stake is the right of law (as represented by local authorities) to control the cinematograph Trade by any method not directly authorised by the Cinematograph Act. Fortunately [...] the local authorities were usually represented by the village policeman, who was a person who could be easily 'swanked'. It usually sufficed to tell him that the lens was fireprooof!"

TitleCDL Conferences at Glasgow and Newcastle
SourceThe Bioscope